Miraculously charity

Post this story ,reminded me of  some blogger tagline "Share not Ever Loss".

This stems from the incident last Monday, when I had the  toothache. And it really hurts
In a word, I go to the pharmacy after i had my boss consent. While stopped at an ATM to buy a medicine. I took a strategic parking spot right under the tree. Not consciously pull back from the ATM. I had been standing next to a mother who was like my age, wearing a black veil, dressed in white and carrying a rather large bag crackle. Since the luggage bag is big, I thought she want to offfer   some cake. So I just smiled and refused to fine. She is not forced, and keep going straight in front of me. Approximately three feet, right in front of me, I noticed she seemed so confused.

Me: "Mom are you fine ?"
Mother: (looking right and left with a confused look) I Have No money Mam"
Me: "Oh, I Think you were a cookies seller .. umm...wait a moment  (cheked out my bag that is just money to buy medicine and had lunch  ]

I am aware, the money is withdrawn at an ATM to buy medicine and for consulting fees to doctors for a while tonight. Understandably resigned yesterday,  I do not have any health insurance again that there is only life insurance for the accident. And have not received a salary this month

But ...
Doesn't Allah Set Fortune?
Now, she is standing in front of me, On The instructions.

Eventually I chose to share with her.
about eating, i can go home to eat later once weekly at home yet, still there is considerable remaining food in the refrigerator.

The mother thanked many times, explaining that she and her family had not eaten that day,  and she was praying I may be a long and healthy life always.

After she was left, less than 10 seconds my tooth pain gradually diminished and disappeared. I'm still not able to speak and just say to myself "Praise be to Allah, the Almighty, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful" which gave me relief.

Then what makes happier on that day at the office, I 've got money that my friends and sister gave me. And You know it was ten times the magnitude of which I provided earlier.

Well, Truly blessed day on  the super busy Monday :

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